Look fresh & alive in your best colours!

We all want to look our best. But what are your best colours? And what is your personal style… I help you learn & see which colours make you look great and to find your style!

Feel confident, inspired & no more bad buys.

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Wouldn’t it be great to know the right colours for your clothes, jewellery and make-up? Do you often choose the same, or default to black? Keen to add some variety but having trouble making good combinations? You might have noticed items in your closet that you just don’t seem to wear… Well, you are not alone! We can all have that sparkle, but in which colours? And how to avoid bad buys… This is where a personal colour analysis & styling session can help.

The right colours make you shine and look brighter. Uneven skin tone and fatigue are less noticeable. Other colours, can make you look dull and tired.

A seasonal colour analysis session with the use of drapes is based on your natural physical characteristics, style and personality. The result: knowing what ‘seasonal colour type’ you are, what colours look good on you and how you can use this valuable knowledge!

colour is the new black

as seen in the media


After a colour consultation you will:

  • Look fresh & bright
  • Have no more bad buys – good for your wallet
  • Buy better: our planet thanks you
  • Make combinations easily
  • Feel happy & confident
  • Receive compliments for looking so good!


This lady of colours is fantastic. A colourful person in every way. During a 1,5 hour session, with coffee, nice chats and laughs, Carmen makes you comfortable in her own working environment. She explains and teaches you all there is to know about colours and how they can reflect your personality. How colour can make or break you. Her advice helped me so much. I will never buy the ‘wrong’ colour anymore and know now what colour gives me this extra sparkle!


Inspirational, fun and with love! Carmen helps you literally see the beautiful person you are. Instead of being in doubt all the time when I go shopping, I am now much more efficient and confident as I know which colors work for me and make me shine!


Have been hearing a lot about colour consultations and the lovely Carmen offered to do mine. Not really knowing what to expect I was quite excited to see the process and actually find out what colours are right for my skin tone, hair colour and eyes. Was very surprised at some colour choices as I wouldn’t ever go with some of them but once they were put against my skin you could see a huge difference in the way my skin brightened up and glowed more. It was amazing.


A session with Carmen was just what I need to bring new life and energy into how I think about colors, clothes and shopping! Her thorough analysis was precise and detailed and I’m pretty sure I’ve been analysing everyone else I see in the days following our session!


The color analysis done by Carmen was definitely a 5 star experience. Her approach is very professional yet personable. She really takes her time to determine what color profile suits you best and provides tips & tricks to enhance your wardrobe, make-up and hair color. I highly recommend Carmen’s services!


I always bought clothes without paying attention to whether the color complemented me. Carmen showed me exactly which colors lift me up and which don't! Nowadays I purposefully search for clothes, my color chart has become my great friend! Carmen, the color session I had with you was a revelation! Thank you for your professional help, you are gold!


The color analysis session with Carmen is highly recommended! I already knew which colors look good on me. But I have learned so much more, for example new colours that look good on me. And also how I can 'compensate' when wearing colours that aren't my best, but that I still want to wear at times. And I learned new things about make-up. She carries out her analysis super passionately. This is really a gift for yourself!


Loved the colour analysis by Carmen! It gave me useful ideas in the nuances of colours and combinations that I can make. Carmen takes her time in giving you advice and shows you 'on the spot' how colour analysis works. Fun & professionally done, highly recommended.

About Carmen

How I got started

My name is Carmen Stevens; a Dutchie living in the tropical greens of Singapore since 2019. My colour journey started a few years ago. During an online course to find out more about my own seasonal colour type. What I learned was a total eye opener for me…

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others see us. When we get it right, it transforms our look.

Now I understood why I often had bad buys! And combinations weren’t always easy to make in my wardrobe…


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